Roads throughout United Arab Emirates and Dubai are of a good quality and are only getting better with each new investment in the region. Connections to the rest of the country tend to be good, especially to Abu Dhabi, but roads in more rural regions are of a much poorer quality. Bus services cover the country, though they tend to be quite limited. The most popular public transport method is taxi, which operate both locally through Dubai and long-haul through the rest of the UAE. Fares should be agreed on before travel.

The Dubai Metro project is currently under construction, and is set to be completed by 2012, with some services operating by 2009. This under and overground rail service will cover all of Dubai.

Travel through the waterways in Dubai is a more traditional method of getting around, and small passenger boats known as abras are in constant use.

There is a daily flight service linking Dubai with Abu Dhabi, and flights are easily chartered to many areas around the UAE.

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