13 June 2008

The joint venture between Al Habtoor and Murray & Roberts has successfully secured the prestigious tender for the construction of the iconic Trump Tower on the renowned Palm Island. This significant achievement comes following a competitive bidding process initiated by Nakheel, a leading real estate developer in Dubai and a cornerstone entity owned by the government of Dubai. The contract for this monumental project is valued at a substantial USD 789 million.

Trump Tower is poised to be a towering symbol of luxury and sophistication, standing impressively at a height of 270 meters. The development is set to be a multifaceted structure, seamlessly integrating various elements to cater to the diverse needs of residents and visitors alike. The tower is designed to house a deluxe hotel boasting 378 rooms, providing an unparalleled hospitality experience. Additionally, it will feature 385 meticulously crafted apartments, offering residents a lifestyle of opulence and comfort.

In addition to the residential and hospitality components, Trump Tower will incorporate modern office spaces and upscale retail outlets. This strategic blend of functionalities reflects a holistic approach to urban living, making it a dynamic and self-contained destination within the vibrant landscape of Palm Island.

The awarding of this contract underscores the confidence placed in the Al Habtoor-Murray & Roberts joint venture, renowned for its expertise and commitment to delivering projects of exceptional quality. As construction commences, Trump Tower is destined to become a landmark that adds to the architectural splendor of Dubai, setting new standards in luxury living and commercial spaces.