07 April 2008

Burj Dubai, the icon skyscraper of Dubai which is still under construction, has already won the record of the tallest building in the world (its final height, still top secret, should be about 900m). But Dubai is now welcoming the announcement of a new 1,200 metre-tall building, which will establish the new record. The news was reported by the website of the economic magazine Arabian Business, which quoted Australian architect Wood Bagot, winner of the consultancy contract.

The skyscraper, with an investment of over USD61 billion, will be built in the south of the Dubai Emirate, in the heart of the Arabian Canal, a huge project which, cutting deeply through the desert, will carry the sea water along a 75 km-long channel between Jebel Ali and Palm Jumerirah Island. Nakheel, which will carry out the construction works stated that the skyscraper project is still in the designing stage and added that it is still “early to reveal all the details”, including the name of the building itself, temporarily known as the High Tower.