09 May 2008

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been flagged up as a good location for overseas property buyers to consider.

According to ShelterOffshore.com, the country currently offers a number of attractions for foreign investors. The website highlighted the recent increase in visitor numbers, as well as the revenues generated by its tourism industry. In addition, the country’s economy was said to have a strong economy which is experiencing a sustainable rate of growth.

This has prompted the website to recommend that overseas property buyers consider possible investment opportunities in the UAE.

ShelterOffshore.com said: “Each emirate is worth closer inspection by would-be property investors.”

The online portal added that the country’s real estate is currently “thriving”, despite ongoing financial problems across the world, such as the credit crunch. This was largely attributed to the fact that these issues have put investors from the UAE off investing abroad and are therefore putting money into the domestic market.